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What Makes or Breaks Your Ankle

Podiatrists everywhere deal with ankles and feet every day. They treat blisters, corns, bunions, spurs, arthritis, diabetic feet and many other conditions of the feet and the ankles. At Dr. Read More

Jaundice and Your Feet

Our feet are used constantly to help us move around, perform a job, and even to balance us. They are essential to our daily lives and sadly, we don’t always Read More

Shock Wave Therapy

People who live with plantar fascia problems know all about chronic pain. When the plantar fascia is overused, it can cause tears along the sole of the foot where the Read More

Types of Falls

Getting hurt at work is never an enjoyable circumstance. Sometimes an injury can be minor and other times it can be very severe. One of the most common type of Read More

Caring for Working Feet

As an avid worker you are on your feet all the time. Even the most sedentary jobs require that we use our feet to get around in the interim. The Read More

Study on Career Ending Basketball Foot Injury

In 2004, Duke University Medical Center conducted a study about how Basketball players move and how it affects them. This study allowed them to better understand the cause of stress Read More

Is Earthing Right For You?

Going for a walk outside is a pastime that many people enjoy. It is relaxing, soothing, and has a lot of great health benefits. Some people walk on a track, Read More

What is a Sports Injury?

A sports injury can be perceived as broad term and encompass many different ailments. Sports injuries are most commonly found in athletes but they can also affect people who go Read More

New Tech for Socks

As technology and modern medicine grow and develop, so do the products on the market. Believe it or not, socks have come a long way over time due to technological Read More

Freeze the Pain Away

Living with chronic pain in your feet can be detrimental to your health and quality of daily life. After all, we use our feet constantly throughout our day. We use Read More

Could Your Child Have a Developmental Disorder?

As a parent we try to prevent, treat, and cure every ailment that our children come across. Sometimes these problems are easy to fix, other times they are due to Read More

Your Feet As You Age

When we are born we are given our feet. As we grow and mature, our feet grow with us. They are with us for our first steps, our first fall, Read More

What a Woman Wears

When it comes to shoes, women typically have all types and styles of shoes. There is practically a shoe for every color of the rainbow and every occasion you can Read More

What are Sesamoids?

Sesamoids are bones that are embedded in a tendon. They are found in different areas of the body, including your foot. Specifically, there are two pea shaped bones located in Read More

3 Congenital Disorders Your Child Could Have

Foot and ankle problems are very common in the United States. These problems are one of the most common reasons why children and adolescents are referred to orthopedic surgeons or Read More

Rocker-Bottom Foot

When your child is born into the world, everything seems so surreal. The doctors usually check them out to make sure they are healthy not long after they are born. Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 241 posts


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