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Ankle SprainsBrooklyn Nets Deron Williams is recovering from a third sprained ankle this season. Having already missed several games, Williams won't be on the court for quite some time. This is due to Williams receiving cortisone shots since the beginning of the start of last season, as his ankle issues have become an everyday affair.

 Editor Alex Raskin of the Wall Street Journal states that Williams signed a five-year $98 million deal with the Nets in 2012, and then hurt his left ankle while training with the U.S. Olympic team. In times past, Williams had suffered bone spurs and inflammation to the joints of his ankles. Williams went on to mention that two of his sprains were “bad luck,” and were a result of wrong landings. "When you jump, land on somebody's foot, I don't care who you are," Williams said after that pair of sprains.

If you sustained an ankle sprain, contact podiatrist Dr. Mayer Salama of Salama Foot Care. Dr. Salama can diagnose your problem and help to minimize your discomfort of your foot and ankle.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are quite painful and can limit your mobility. Although they are not completely unavoidable, wearing appropriately fitted shoes and stretching before physical activity can help lower your risk of incurring an injury. Ankle sprains occur when the ankle rolls over itself or twists in an awkward way, causing a ‘pop’ or ‘snap’ in the tendons around the ankle. Some causes of ankle sprains include:

· Walking
· Sports
· Previous Injuries

In addition to pain, ankle sprains are characterized by skin discoloration and swelling, which is the result of ligaments being stretched beyond their limits. Usually ankle sprains are not severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room as there are many home treatments available, including ACE bandages, pain relievers, medication, and of course the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method. However, if the ankle muscles or ligaments or damaged from a rip or tear, it is advisable to see a physician immediately, as the injury may require surgery.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices located in Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Clarkston, and Trenton, MI. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle injuries.

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