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By Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama
August 09, 2017
Category: Foot Care

Choosing A Podiatrist

There are all kinds of specialists in the medical field. The heart, stomach, head, hands, and even feet all have their own specialist. These specialists only treat cases for certain parts of the body and make it their mission to know everything and anything about that body part. These specialists are very important to our everyday health and care. A podiatrist is one such specialist.

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a medical professional who studies, treats, and specializes in the area of the foot and ankle. They treat disorders such as bunions and heel spurs, recommend therapies, and consult with other physicians on a case by case basis. Some of these podiatrists even teach about the foot and the ankle. In order to become a podiatrist, the doctor must get a DPM, or Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine. There are only a small number of schools in the United States that offer this course of study.

Why Choose a podiatrist?

Podiatrists have the most knowledge about feet and ankles. This is their only area of focus. They treat the foot and ankle every single day and have seen all types of ailments, deformities, and disease that involve the feet and ankles. Think about it, would you hire a painter to work on your plumbing? Probably not. A painter specializes in painting and a plumber specializes in plumbing, it is their niche. This same logic applies to a podiatrist.

Do I need to see a podiatrist?

If you notice something has gone awry with your foot or are experiencing pain in that area you will probably call your primary care physician first. After visiting your primary care doctor, he or she will refer you to an office of podiatry such as Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama. There, Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama will examine, diagnose, and treat your foot problems.  Another reason you might visit a podiatrist is if you have a hammertoe, ingrown toenails, foot ulcer, or other foot problem. Sometimes a referral is not needed and you can make an appointment online to see a podiatrist right away.

How do I find a podiatrist?

  • Referral – Your doctor can give you a referral to a podiatrist in your local area.

  • Insurance – You can call your insurance provider who can provide you with a list of all covered podiatrists in your local area.

  • Google – Google can bring up a list of podiatrists in northeast and northwest Houston and localize your search.

    Call us! – You can call Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama to make an appointment today. Our number is 248-474-0040.

If you suspect you have a foot or ankle problem, do not delay, call our offices today! If you wait to treat your foot or ankle the problem can become more severe. Our offices are conveniently located in Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Clarkston and Trenton, Michigan.


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