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By Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama
March 29, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: Stress Fracture   Neuroma  

That is a good question….It starts with a benign growth of nerve tissue most commonly found between the third and fourth toes. You will recognize symptoms that cause pain, such as burning or sharpness on the bottom of your feet. The nerve becomes inflamed and swollen which sends a numbness sensation directly to your nearby toes.


  • Burning sensation on the bottom of your feet will become noticeable slowly but surely.
  • Sharp pain in your foot that hurts more when you apply pressure or walk on it
  • Small bump can appear inside the ball of your foot and you will notice it by inspecting the area with your fingertips.
  • Tingling and numbness between the toes and sometimes in the ball of your foot is common and can be one of the first signs.


  • X-rays will rule out a stress fractures or other injuries that may be causing the pain. An X-ray is the most conventional way to detect a problem.
  • An MRI can be very effective in determining neuroma as well as any other hidden issues under the skin.
  • Ultrasound is a simple test that can be done in the office and is safe a and noninvasive procedure. No that the other two options are invasive but our doctors will guide you and recommend what is best for your pain level and their experience.


  • Avoid wearing tight, poorly shaped, or high-heeled shoes.
  • Apply ice for approximately 10 to 15 minutes at a time for a couple of days to see if the symptoms change.
  • Massaging the bottom of your foot around the painful area each day or when it hurts the most.
  • Rest your feet by reducing any daily activities that put stress on your toes.
  • A doctor approved anti- inflammatory medicine can help to temporarily reduce pain and swelling. 

The office of Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama can diagnose neuroma quickly with an office visit. We have four conveniently located Michigan offices in, Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Clarkston and Trenton. During your examination, we may order an x-ray of your foot first to make sure nothing else is causing the pain before we will diagnose your condition or perform more tests, but a quick call to us at 313-274-0990 could be all you need. Neuroma may begin with nerve pain but it could certainly end as simple as making an appointment with us!!

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