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By Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama
March 16, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions

Yes, but it doesn’t come from Spring or the pollen in may bring. This allergy hides in our footwear and can strike in any season. Some of the chemicals in shoes can irritate your skin without you suspecting it. The barrier between you and your shoe, your comfy socks, can be the culprit too. In addition, and more seriously, if your feet are exposed to chemicals and other synthetic materials on a regular basis this could be a bigger issue.

Here are three of the most common foot allergy symptoms:

  • Red skin ~ you may see signs of reddish areas along with flakes, crust, blisters and cracks.
  • Contact dermatitis ~ skin will swell and feel irritated sometimes causing a rash.
  • Inflamed skin ~ flaky scales called plaques may develop and prolonged exposure to the culprit may turn into psoriasis and spread. If pus accumulates underneath the area a blister can form.

What can I do to avoid or treat it?

  • The most common solution would be to wear cotton socks that are all natural.
  • If you change the material that your socks are made of but it persists then you must look at the material your shoes are made of.
  • Educate yourself on the dyes, glues and metal in your shoe that meet your feet. Nickel and cobalt are common in shoe décor and can easily cause irritation.

What is the difference between athlete’s foot and foot allergies? Athlete’s foot is an infectious and contagious condition that is usually contracted by being bare feet in public places or sweating in your shoes for too long. Allergies are noncontagious and the skin becomes inflamed and irritated upon contact with the allergic material causing the problem. Both conditions can be acute or chronic but with a quick visit to the podiatrist both can be easily resolved.

Shoe contact dermatitis can be diagnosed and treated by our expert podiatrists Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama. If you have been itching your feet repeatedly and suspect you may have an allergy or athlete’s foot call our office in any of our conveniently located towns in Michigan; Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Clarkston or Trenton. Don’t forget we offer house calls too! Let our team help relieve your irritation so you can step into Spring and crush that allergy! 

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