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August 01, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions

Many people are born with two legs, two ankles, and two feet. These parts of the body help us walk and get mobile every day. We rely on them heavily and use them constantly.  Not every foot and ankle is the same though. Feet and ankles come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the foot and ankle even comes pronated.

Pronated feet are feet that are rotated or turned away from the body. Typical feet are mostly in line with the center of the body. They do not turn inwards or outwards. They align straight and are parallel. People with pronated feet do not have such alignment.


  • The forefoot is shifted outward from the heel.
  • The ankle is bulging on the inside.
  • The heel is turned away from the center of the body.
  • The patient’s les are turned inward or are bowed.

Sometimes people with pronated feet also lack a plantar’s arch. This condition is commonly known as flat feet or pancake feet. Other times, however, those with pronated feet do not suffer from a lack of arch. Each person and circumstance is different as is every set of feet in the world. In all cases, if the feet are severely pronated, it can cause negative long-term health issues.

What are the long-term effects?

Those who suffer from severely pronated feet tend to have other pains and problems in their bodies. The pelvis, feet, ankles, and back are all directly affected. Pronation causes these body parts to misalign which can lead to pain, strain, and lead to abnormal gait, motion, and tired feet.

Other long-term effects from pronated feet are heel spurs, bunions, shin splints, Morton Neuroma and deformity.

Pronated feet are considered a serious deformity that should be treated by a podiatrist immediately. Once seen by a podiatrist the patient can select different treatment options that may be right for them. Some treatments for pronated feet include but are not limited to:

Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama located in Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Clarkston, and Trenton Michigan could be the right podiatry office for you. There you will meet Dr. Mayer Salama and Dr. Daniel Salama. They will examine, diagnose and treat you in a professional and educational manner. Call 313-274-0990 or make an appointment online today. We want you to have the best foot care possible.


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